Thanks so much for popping by to read a few of my short stories today. I hope you enjoy them, and I always love to hear from readers. Please drop me a note sometime and say hi!

Short Stories

Chasing Destiny - Author K.N. Lee hosted a challenge to write about a character with the power to hear everyone's thoughts. How do they use the power? Or, is it a curse? As a die-hard romantic, I took this story in a little different of a direction than I first imagined, but I adore the end story. It was a fun opportunity to be challenged in a new way!

The Easter Bunny Apocalypse, chapter 14 - Author Ksenia Anske hosted a one-of-a-kind flash fiction blogging event called Easter Bunny Apocalypse. For twenty days, twenty different writers each wrote one "chapter" consisting of around 600 words. Each chapter built on each other with its final being published on Easter Day, 2013. Find out who won the epic battle: humans or bunnies!

Shades of Blue - Originally published on the Writing Upside Down blog as a challenge to create a short story around one of several writing prompts as inspiration. I chose this line: I miss the warmth of her body the most.

And Then There Was God - The Secret Life of Writers issued a "Monday Writing Prompt" based on a photo they selected. It was of a stained glass window, seemingly from a church or old building.

Dissipation - The Secret Life of Writers issued a "Monday Writing Prompt" based on a photo they selected. It was of a small, square, ancient-looking church.

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