There are so many amazingly talented authors out there. So many, in fact, that I could never personally endorse every one of them (and I refuse to sell my soul for a retweet). That said, there are some Indie and small press authors who have personally touched me, are close friends of mine, who have amazing books and are tying to get their name out there, or I just fell in love with their writing style. These are a few writers I'm sharing with my readers as authors who I sincerely recommend. Enjoy, and happy reading!

  • Ksenia Anske, author of Blue Sparrow, Siren Suicides, Rosehead, Irkadura, and the Badlings. 
  • Deborah Brown, author of the In Paradise series and Starfish Island. 
  • Delia Colvin, author of The Oracles series, and others.
  • Stacy Eaton, author of Liveon, Six Days of Memories, Cured by Love, and others.
  • Julie Farley, author of The New Ever After series.
  • Melissa Foster, author of Have No Shame, and many, many other contemporary romance series. 
  • AG Henley, author of The Brilliant Darkness series. 
  • JB Hickman, author of The Keeper of Dawn. 
  • K.N. Lee, author of The Chronicles of Koa series, Rise of the Flame, and many others.
  • Dee C. May, author of Wynter's Horizon. 
  • Dylan J. Morgan, author of Blood War, HostsThe Dead Lands, and others.
  • Nancy Naigle, author of Sweet Tea and Secrets and many others. 
  • Sandy Nathan, author of Mogollon, The Earth's End trilogy, and others.
  • Greever Williams, author of On Tenterhooks. 
  • Jes Young, author of The Underneath & Inbetween series.
  • S.K. Anthony, author of The Luminaries series.  
  • Beth Michele, author of For the Love of Raindrops, and others.
  • Becky Flade, author of the Covert Passions series, and others.

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  1. Thanks for including me on this list with such well-established writers! It is an honor!

  2. Let me know when your next book is due out so I can update the site and get excited!

  3. Hey thanks for including me in your list of awesome authors. And right at the top too. I'm honored. = )

  4. I speak on behalf of J.B. when I say THANK YOU for including him in your list of great writers. Kindly, ~Melissa Hickman (aka, J.B.'s wife, editor, graphic artist and designer, marketing guru, oh, and mother of his children - ha!)

  5. Thanks for adding me! You are extraoridinary! :)

    1. As are you, my friend! =) Awesome explosion into the writing world with Koa!