Faith in Love ~ #3 Kindle World Hot New Releases, and #28 Kindle World Bestseller List.

Genre: Contemporary romance
Length: Novella
Kindle World: New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Melissa Foster's Remingtons Kindle World

Full of grief and jaded by love, corporate philanthropist Egan MacGuire is given two options by his boss: take a leave of absence or kiss his job goodbye. A road trip with a friend is just the distraction Egan needs to figure out how to get his life back on track.

Celeste St. Angelo left the bright lights and big city for the mountains of North Carolina to open the next phase of her flourishing Angel Therapy business, a healing and wellness center. With the grand opening looming she has no time for distractions, especially love.

When divine timing sparks an unexpected romance, will Egan and Celeste be able to leave their troubled pasts behind and find the courage to have a little faith in love?   

* International Best Seller *

A Twisted Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Book 1 of the Dark Woods Series

Redd's Descent ~ #10 in Hot New Releases, #11 bestseller in Fairy Tales, #26 Bestseller List (US), #9 Bestseller List (IT), #51 Bestseller List (UK)

Genre: DARK Fairy Tale, Paranormal / shifter, Romance, Celtic Folklore
Length: Novella
Series: The Dark Woods Series, book 1

The dark fairy tales your mother never told you about...

Celtic folklore warns its people not to enter the Dark Woods at night if you want to live to see the light of day. For Redd Kearney, he has no choice after the death of his grandmother at the hands of the vicious, mythical half-breed creatures. But what he finds is way worse than any childhood legend ever could have warned him about.

Finding himself chained up in the creature’s den, he has two choices: surrender to her evil to stay alive, or die resisting. But the stakes are high when he has a new travel companion whose virtue he needs to keep intact, and when his wife Aine’s life is threatened if he doesn’t comply and give the Alpha what her pack needs to survive.

Can Redd surrender to his dark side without losing himself in the process? Or will Mac’s dark, insatiable desires cause his full descent before he has time to escape?

Redd’s Descent is a dark retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where roles are reversed and the big bad wolf literally means to eat her victim alive.


Laguna Beach: Last Night in Laguna ~ #1 in Hot New Releases and #3 in Best sellers
Genre: Contemporary romance
Length: Novella
Kindle World: Kaira Rouda's Laguna Beach Kindle World

Bexley Rue’s gypsy soul has always chased after her heart’s next fleeting desire, until her sister Vaughn’s terminal illness brings Bex’s carefree lifestyle to a screeching halt.
Kai Donovan has only ever craved stability and love over everything else. His trip to Laguna Beach suddenly has him throwing caution to the wind for the one woman who could capture and break his heart—all in one night.
Knowing she’s leaving the next day for a cross-country move, Bexley’s only looking for fun on her last night in Laguna. Until she meets Kai, who sparks such an intense attraction it has Bexley questioning everything. When Bexley’s world is cracked wide open with surprises from the past and complications for her future, are Kai’s feelings enough to finally get Bexley to face her fears and allow true love in for the first time? Or will her gypsy heart win out and have her chasing shadows once again?


#33 USA TODAY Best Seller!
#1 in Fantasy
#86 on Amazon

Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy novels in one best-selling box set. My novel, Redd's Descent, is included.
Length: 23 novels/novellas
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Authors include: Rebecca Hamilton, Rainy Kaye, Rachel McClellan, Kerry Adrienne, Jae Vogel, Debbie Herbert, Raquel Lyon, Lisa Blackwood, Nicholas Wilson, Thea Atkinson, Isis Pierce, J.E. Taylor, Stacy Eaton, Carysa Locke, S.M. Schmitz, Jayne Faith, Kate Corcino, Nirina Stone, C.M. Albert, N.R. Larry, Erin Bedford, Jack Connor, May Sage, and Conner Kressley.

PROOF OF LOVE - Releases 12/5

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Full-length novel
Kindle World: New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Melissa Foster's Remingtons Kindle World

Dez Wright bed hops because it’s easier to let a man between her legs than into her heart. After the death of her college sweetheart in a motorcycle accident that leaves Dez with a bum knee and a shattered heart, she throws all of her passion and energy into the one thing that can't hurt her: her flourishing photography career.
Mitch Michaelson thought he was dead the day he wrestled a pissed-off shark snorkeling off the Hawaiian coast with a model whose name he can hardly remember. But the tryst in paradise cost him more than his arm; it destroyed his career as a famous iron sculptor. After years of intense therapy, Mitch is finally rebuilding a new life working with kids at the community center in his sleepy North Carolina town. 
When Dez blows into Arden’s Glen looking to take his picture for some do-gooder coffee table book, Mitch wants no part of it. He's put his glamorous past where it belongs and wants nothing more than to lay low, help the kids in his community, and be left alone. When fate steps in and brings the two together to help their friends and a troubled kid in need, will a couple of photographs and a magical one-night stand be all the proof of love they need? Or will their two stubborn hearts stay hell-bent on keeping their walls in place and playing it safe forever? 

  • The White Room - Coming Early winter 2017
  • Mermaid Kisses (working title ) - book 1 of a new Contemporary Romance series. Bonus: will tie in to characters from Last Night in Laguna!
  • Game Plan (working title) - New Adult romance genre
  • Into the Mist & Fog - a small town thriller/suspense
  • TOP SECRET co-author release, part Dystopian, elemental magic, and romance
  • TOP SECRET co-author release, vampires, witches, dystopian coming October 2017
  • TOP SECRET new cozy mystery / paranormal series
  • TOP SECRET new adult 4-book series
  • Aine's Revenge (TBD) - Book 2 of the Dark Woods Series, the conclusion of Redd's Descent 
  • The Guardian Trilogy - Young Adult
    • Book 1: The Guardian of Fire: The Neverworld
    • Book 2: The Guardian of Earth: The Plane of Dreams
    • Book 3: The Guardian of Air: The Valley of Tomorrows
  • Daisy Dot & the Dust Bunnies - Children's picture book 


  1. How are all the projects going so far? Have you considered making any posts with tips on editing? I'd love to read them!

    Until next time,

    1. Hey, Kevin! Thanks so much for the interest. I will definitely be adding more editing blogs in the future. I'm trying to focus on my writing right now, but editing will always have a special place in my heart.