USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are both "sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!"

Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, inspiration, and romance. She’s a sucker for a good villain, but is a die-hard believer in everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two young kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a book editor, Reiki practitioner, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps.  

You can find Colleen online at:


  1. This fellow author-aspirant loves CM's side note, but suspects it would make for an eerie sort of world if everyone took to the third person.

  2. Ha! There was somebody on Seinfeld or Friends who did this all the time. Cannot for the life of me remember who. Thankfully, I never really do this in person (except maybe with my kids!). Colleen thinks that would just be weird; okay, maybe a little creepy too. =)