Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last Night in Laguna Will Heat Up Your Summer

Welcome to Laguna Beach!

I'm so excited to share that my newest book, a Laguna Beach Kindle World contemporary romance novella is available now on Amazon!

Last Night in Laguna is a part of author Kaira Rouda's fun and sexy Laguna Beach World, and you will find special guest appearances made by her characters Madison/Holly, Josh, Annie, and Hank in my book.

You will also meet Bexley Rue and Kai Donovan.

Bexley Rue’s gypsy soul has always chased after her heart’s next fleeting desire, until her sister Vaughn’s terminal illness brings Bex’s carefree lifestyle to a screeching halt.

Kai Donovan has only ever craved stability and love over everything else. His trip to Laguna Beach suddenly has him throwing caution to the wind for the one woman who could capture and break his heart—all in one night.
Knowing she’s leaving the next day for a cross-country move, Bexley’s only looking for fun on her last night in Laguna. Until she meets Kai, who sparks such an intense attraction it has Bexley questioning everything. When Bexley’s world is cracked wide open with surprises from the past and complications for her future, are Kai’s feelings enough to finally get Bexley to face her fears and allow true love in for the first time? Or will her gypsy heart win out and have her chasing shadows once again?

Laguna Beach World

Along with mine, nine other authors are releasing books in the Laguna Beach World today. Laguna Beach is a sexy, modern romance series by author Kaira Rouda, set in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.
The stories feature the cast of a hight school based reality TV show, ten years after the show wrapped. Inspired by the original reality show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, the Laguna Beach series is beach reading at its best. 
Start with the original series by Kaira Rouda and enjoy:
Then move on to the other books from this amazing Kindle World, by many of the bestselling authors you know and love.
Reckless in Laguna by Barbara AnkrumA Laguna Beach wedding reunites a pair of ex-lovers, but letting go of the past is not as simple as saying “I do.”

Lucky in Laguna by Rachelle Ayala Scriptwriter Lucky Lenigan regrets writing dog walker Tally Tallahan into a reality show as another man’s love interest.

A Treasure in Laguna by Heather HiestandWhile searching for gold in Laguna Beach, treasure hunter Crowe Erickson finds the real adventure is love…

One Night in Laguna by Melissa KeirCan former reality TV star, Cole Hayes and schoolteacher, Melanie Whitman create a relationship that will last a lifetime or will their one night stand crash in the waves of Laguna Beach?

Lost in Laguna by K. N. LeeIsla wanted to be alone—to repair her broken heart...and then Garrett Thorn came home.

Weddings in Laguna by Cheryl PhippsWhen déjà vu and ‘I do’ collide, hearts are destined to break.

Sleepless in Laguna by Suzanne RockA radio shock jock tries to convince his straight-laced ex he’s ready to cease his wild ways and settle down.

Sunset in Laguna by Melanie Shawn
an an artist who's lost her inspiration and a novelist with a decade-long case of writer's block let go of their pasts long enough to embrace their future—together?

True Love in Laguna by Lacey WolfeTwo lost souls find true love when they least expect it.

Facebook Launch Party!

Please join me, the other Laguna Beach Kindle World authors, and author Kaira Rouda at our Launch Party July 7, from 3:30 Pacific Time to 8:45 Pacific Time [or 6:30 Eastern - 11:45 pm Eastern] on Facebook. Chat, play games, and win prizes!

Schedule (all listed below are in the PM and EDT):
6:30 - Kaira Rouda
6:45 - Rachelle Ayala
7:15 - Heather Hiestand
7:45 - Melanie Shawn
8:15 - Lacey Wolfe
8:45 - Barbara Ankrum
9:15 - ME! C.M. Albert
9:45 - K.N. Lee
10:15 - Suzanne Rock
10:45 - Melissa Keir
11:15 - Cheryl Phipps
11:45 - Kaira Rouda

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