Friday, May 27, 2016

Redd's Descent Cover Reveal

In all my excitement today of my amazing cover reveal for Redd's Descent, I got too busy and forgot to post it to my own blog. I mean...seriously? Who does that?

Thank God for The Book Nymph PR who did an outstanding job helping me showcase my pretty cover created by the amazingly talented Sarah at Okay Creations.

So without further is Redd's Descent! As an added bonus, an exclusive excerpt is below.


"What's yer name, lass? Can ye speak?"

He looked down into those green eyes, now fully open and staring up at him. They were rich in their depth, little flecks of gold dancing with the green. And they were long eyes, fully framed with more lashes than Redd had ever seen on a lass. She was enchanting.

"Fiona," she whispered. "My name is Fiona."

"Redd," he answered. "I want to know what happened to ye, fair Fiona, but we need to hurry and leave these woods before dark. Bad things happen in these trees after nightfall." The fear that clouded her eyes and the way she hunched down into Redd's grip told him that she'd had a taste of those  bad things, and his heart ached for her. He couldn't imagine how she was still alive.

"Sacrifice," was all she said, and then he knew. She was someone's sacrifice to the dark woods creatures.


Redd's Descent comes out Tuesday 5/31.

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