Thursday, March 3, 2016

You've Been Flashed by Author Kaira Rouda

Welcome, Kaira, and thanks for coming by to Flash us today. KairaRouda is a USA Today bestselling author of many books in the women’s fiction and contemporary romance genres and includes titles such as Here, Home, Hope and the Laguna Nights series.
I’m a big fan of your personal philosophies and how much you want to help other women and writers along the way. So let’s jump in and let my readers get to know you a little better as well.
Q1: I saw a quote I loved from Frederick Buechner on your Facebook author page; it said, “One life on this earth is all that we get, whether it is enough or not enough, and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can." How does that apply to your writing career, and what advice would you give new authors as a result?
KR: Hello, Colleen, and thank you so much for having me here. The quote spoke to me and should speak to other writers because each of us have taken a leap. Writing a book is hard, putting it out in the world is harder. It takes bravery and we would be fools to not give it a try. In other words, if writing is your dream, go for it.

Q2: You are a busy woman! You just had Where We Are come out in February, have City of Love (a Remingtons Kindle World romance novella) coming out on 3/2, and The Goodbye Year coming out 5/3. What advice do you have on how to manage personal balance in the midst of such a busy writing schedule?

KR: I’ve always said balance is something you swing through on the way to something else. J Seriously, though, I see a lot of posts on Facebook and elsewhere from women authors who are completely stressed out. You need to value yourself, your life, enough to spend time with friends, do activities you love and to treat your body well. If you don’t, everything suffers.

Q3: Tying in to following your dreams and making it all work, I have to say, I LOVE the “Real You” business and line of books you created to help other enterprising women in the areas of work, writing, and motherhood. You even have a cool Real You chart! Where did the inspiration for this series come from, and where should people get started to implement this philosophy into their lives? {I love your Realisms, by the way!}

KR: THANK YOU! Back in my marketing career days, I had the honor of launching the first female-focused residential real estate brand. Believe it or not, even though women make or influence 91 percent of all home buying decisions, back when we launched, all of the national brands focused on men. (Envision two men shaking hands in front of a yard sign. Grrr.) I like to think we helped change the face of real estate. Along the way, I met thousands of real estate entrepreneurs and began to develop an 8-step process to help them with their personal and business brands. Once REAL YOU INCORPORATED came out from Wiley, I started speaking to women entrepreneurs across the country about leveraging their one unique competitive advantage: themselves. It’s been great. I spoke at RWA last July about putting the Real You in your Author brand and encapsulated those thoughts in the free download on my website, if anybody is interested.

Now onto easier topics, and the absolute ridiculousness and fun of This or That. You can only choose one. Go!

·        Mermaids or sirens? Mermaids

·        Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

·        Paperback or Kindle? Paperback

·        Swimsuits: one-piece or two? Two

·        Yoga or kickboxing? Yoga

·        Cowboy or firefighter? Firefighter (allergic to horses ;-)

·        Pina Colada or Sex on the Beach? Sex on the Beach

·        Flip-flops or heels? Flip-flops

·        Romance level in books: Heat or Sweet? Sweet heat

·        Dr. Suess or Dr. Oz? Dr. Seuss

Thank you for stopping by and keeping us briefed. Readers, you can learn more about Kaira’s adventures and her writing at:

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Colleen! This was so much fun!