Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You've Been Flashed by Author Stacy Eaton

Welcome, and thanks for coming by to Flash us today. You are one busy woman! For those of you who don't know, Stacy is not only a bestselling author, but she's also a police detective and a small business owner. Stacy, you just had two books come out in the last few months: You're Not Alone and Tangled in Tinsel. Congratulations! I know you have lots more up your sleeve, so let's get started.

Q1:You've had a busy year publishing, despite a major setback with a concussion! How're you doing on that front, and what can readers expect from you in the next six months?

SE: Hi, Colleen! Well, I was supposed to have 7 books published this year – but only managed to get 5 of those out. All of them written before I fell and gave myself a nasty concussion. I am just now (5 months later) getting back to writing. If all goes well, I am looking at getting back in the groove and by spring having two, if not three, out or ready to go. One of those is another Kindle World Novel, and then I was supposed to release Second Shield 2 this fall, but had to put it aside until I could write again, so that one is priority.

Q2: You've written three books about domestic violence, and even donated a portion of your October book sale profits to raise awareness for the cause. Is this an important topic to you because of what you've seen in your line of work? 

SE: Not only in work, but in life. I’ve been an advocate of Domestic Violence awareness for years, but a few years ago I responded to a domestic violence homicide and I realized that I needed to get more involved. For the last two years I have served on the Board of Directors for my local domestic violence center and I also speak to victims, survivors, and the community; plus, I work with training law enforcement officers to better understand what victims go through. I do see a lot of it at work, but there is so much more that is never reported, especially violence against men. That will be another book that I will write in the future.
Q3: What some people may not realize is that you sometimes include a fantasy element in your books, like with your My Blood Runs Blue series, and the book Garda ~ Welcome to the Realm. Do you find it easy to switch back and forth between contemporary and fantasy? Do you find there's a common element or theme that runs through both genres that you write?

SE: Actually, in Distorted Loyalty there is a touch of the afterlife, so it has what you would call a fantasy element, but I don’t focus on that. I started writing paranormal romance because I wanted to escape the drama of real life. Now, I spend more time in the real world drama, but I want to go back and write a few more books in the paranormal world. I have plans for two more My Blood Runs Blue series books and also at least one more Garda book. Plus I’m plotting out a trilogy called One Every Thirty-Six that is about magic, but that is going to be a while in the making.
Thank you, Stacy! Now onto the absolute ridiculousness and fun of This or That. You can only choose one. Go!

·        Harley or Crotch Rocket? Wow...tough – love the sounds of Harley’s – but love the speed of the crotch rocket.

·        Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs? Can I have chocolate lucky charms?

·        Tattoo or piercing? Ink – I love ink – and need some new pieces!

·        Picasso or Monet? Neither – I like real life art captured with a camera lens.

·        Rob Lowe or Rob Thomas? Neither – I’ll take Robert Downey Jr.

·        Dog or cat? Dog

·        Beer or Wine? Actually I don’t drink.

·        Show tunes or Burlesque? Neither – I’m a bit darker or more country with my music.

·        Christmas or Halloween? Christmas because it centers on family more.

·        West Coast or East Coast? East Coast – anywhere near the ocean.

Thank you for stopping by and keeping us briefed. Readers, you can learn more about Stacy Eaton's adventures and her writing at:


  1. Great interview, Stacy. And wonderful that you are so supportive of helping spread the awareness about domestic violence. My hat's off to you. I'm really glad that you're getting over the concussion and back to your writing.

  2. What fun to get to know Stacy a little bit better! Learning something all the time.