Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You've Been Flashed by Author S.K. Anthony

Welcome, and thanks for coming by to Flash us today. For those who are new to your writing, you have a second book in your Luminaries series that just came out called Static. Congratulations! You know I love your books, so let's jump right in and help get readers "illuminated" on the awesomeness of S.K. Anthony.

Q1: Your book cover for Kinetic is one of my all-time favorites. It is just so beautiful and magical all at once. The cover for Static is in the same vein and equally as powerful, but has a new character. I loved your recent blog post on the creative process of your rebranding effort and thought it was hilarious. What is the creative process like for creating your covers? Where does your inspiration come from?

SKA: It’s funny; I seem to always have the color theme in my head as I start writing the stories. Then I suppose I have a moment in my head where this character hits a turning point and displays some aspect of his or her powers. From there I transfer it telepathically to my designer (Mae I Design) and she truly is the one who makes the magic happen. I swear, my descriptions are rambling words and she totally “sees” it. Thank goodness.

Q2:  In Kinetic, the story's main point of view (POV) was from the character Annie Fox, while in Static, it's from Kevin Pierce's POV. Did you know when you set out to write book two that it would be from his POV? How different do you find it writing from a man's perspective?

SKA: Midway through Kinetic I knew the next book was going to be Kevin’s, so yes, I did know. Thankfully fans wanted more of him, too, and that sealed the deal.

Writing from a man’s perspective was fun and scary! I didn’t want to make him sound like a woman pretending to be a guy—which . . . well, is the case. Lol. I think I pulled it off, based on feedback. I did pay attention to guys between the ages of 22 and 24, their “voice”, point of view, sense of humor, etc. Then applied it to Kevin’s already established personality and there you have it. =)

Q3: I love when women raise other powerful, creative, talented women up instead of competing with them, and from the fun Coffee Chats on your blog, it seems as if you enjoy cross promoting as well. I truly believe there is enough success to go around for everyone and that every person has a unique story to tell. Have you had any examples of working with other creative women on your journey to becoming an author? Who's helped you along the way, and who have you helped champion?

SKA: Yes, I do love cross promoting as you may be able to tell from my new video series adventure, and Coffee Chat, which was a fun run! I also contribute with a group of other women in The Writer Diaries blog, but mainly I LOVE helping many authors one-on-one. Like via social media exposure/promotions, critiques, brainstorming, etc. And they do the same for me. I’m not limited; we all start from somewhere and only get stronger together. It’s an honor working with these amazing women, you included, in my journey.

Thank you, Miss Anthony, for all you do for the writing field, and for the amazing stories you keep bringing us! I can't wait for the next one. Now for the absolute ridiculousness of This or That. You can only choose one. Go!

·        Sponge Bob or Patrick? Patrick

·        Coffee or Kahlua? Coffeeeeeee!!!!

·        Mountains or Beach? You suck . . . hmm, beach.

·        Elsa or Anna? Anna

·        Calendars: Digital or Paper? Paper

·        Mini Cooper or Land Rover? Land Rover

·        Silver or Gold? Silver

·        Cheese or Pepperoni? Yes, please. Ugh, fine, Pepperoni.

·        Sky Dive or Scuba Dive? O_O Scuba Dive (in a pool)

·        Stephen King or Larry King? The other SK, Stephen King. lol

Thank you so much for stopping by and keeping us briefed. Readers, you can learn more about S.K. Anthony and her writing at:


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