Friday, February 26, 2016

Cover Reveal for Ashes: Dystopian Edition: a Just Write Journal

Oh my God, as if she isn't talented enough with all of her beautiful cover designs, Regina (owner of MaeIDesign) has gone and created this beautiful series of "Just Write" journals for aspiring writers in need of some inspiration. And the cover for her second volume, Ashes: Dystopian Edition, aims to inspire us with its gorgeous dark and mysterious themes.

According to Regina, these journals are "designed to help writers find inspiration anytime, by visual inspiration and creative prompts." 

The journals are completely unique and unlike anything else on the market because they are "packed with a visually appealing design and prompts that ignite the mind and get you excited about your project."

Based on the breadth and depth I've seen of her work, and this gorgeous cover she's created, I have no doubt the inside prompts would be just as inspiring and motivating to kick-start those creative engines in our minds.

And, if Dystopian's not your thing, get inspired by her first volume, Myths.

Follow Regina's Facebook page for more beautiful artwork, photography, and book cover designs that are seriously drool worthy.

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  1. Man I love this site. It is just so awesome. Whatever you want, all are available here.