Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Summer of My Heart

You know when that tiny voice creeps in, the one called intuition...the one called your highest self...the one you know you need to listen to?

It's been screaming at me for a long time now to:

Slow down.
Quiet my mind. 
Tune out noise. 
Eliminate distractions. 
Focus on what matters.

To that end, I am taking a summer sabbatical from social media, being online, getting distracted, not being present.

I am at a very interesting crossroads in my life, having just turned 40 and trying to figure out where I want my life to head during this next decade. There's a lot we all juggle in life, and sometimes we do it better than at other times. Right now, my heart is yearning for silence. The spiritual path I've been on these last few years is blossoming, and I need quiet time to digest, to self-reflect, to listen to God, to learn, to heal. 

I will still be "around," and available to friends and family. I'm not actually going anywhere, except inside my own heart and truth on a more frequent basis. I will continue to write in some form or fashion, and I'm still working with my editing clients during this time, as well.

But my blogging, social media presence, and days of being online are all going on hiatus from today until September, 2014.

Have a beautiful summer with your family and friends. Take time to disconnect and truly be present with them. Play outdoors more, and be inside less. Close your computers and pick up a "real" paperback book. 

I recently read an amazing quote that said: "Today is the youngest you will ever be."

If I am trading one day of my life for today, this day, my youngest day, I want to make the most of it. See how much I can learn and grow and be kind and love.

Find my truth north.

So, with gratitude and excitement, please consider this my "out of office" and "in my heart" notice.

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