Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Woman Who Lit the Match

Welcome to PART TWO of the Ignite Blog Hop Blast & Book TOUR

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By now you know I'm buried up to my thigh-highs with the Book Blast & Blog Tour for the light erotica anthology Ignite. One of my favorite things to do during a book tour is an author interview. It helps readers connect with the book on a much more intimate way when they hear, see, feel (well, you know what I mean) a writer up close and personal.

Today, I am thrilled to have the esteemed owner of Brickstone Publishing with me on my blog. Author Lori Verni-Fogarsi not only wrote a saucy little story for Ignite, but she's also its executive editor and kicks off my week of showcasing several different authors from the anthology and getting to know them better. But first, let's get started today with the big cheese! Welcome, Lori. I am so honored that you're starting off this great big blog tour shebang here on my humble (but super dope) blog. Let's jump right in and get wet together.

Q: You have a story in the Ignite anthology called "Just Like Old Times." Is this your first pass at writing tasteful erotica, or have you written in this genre before? Your other three books ("Momnesia," "Unexpecting," and "Housetraining Puppies & Adult Dogs") are definitely not erotica! 

A: This will be my first published erotic story. I like the idea of we women cultivating, maintaining, or sometimes rediscovering our sexy sides. It's so easy to get caught up in work, parenting, and taking care of everyone else!
Q: What inspired your story? Is it complete fiction, or did you draw on any personal experiences for inspiration? 

A: Honestly? My story was inspired by my own ongoing desire to keep things fresh in my own marriage. I'm always looking for ways to do that. I thought to myself, "What would be a huge turn-on?" The date in the story was one we actually had when we were dating. As to re-creating it now? That was the fictional, fantasy part. 
Q: What readers may not know is that you juggle about ten different hats when it comes to "Ignite." You are not only the owner of Brickstone Publishing (which is the publisher of "Ignite"), but you also contributed your own story to the anthology, selected and managed ten authors, juggled PR and marketing, oversaw cover design, coordinated logistics such as interviews, blog hops, prizes, and giveaways, and much, much more, I'm sure.
How do you manage all of that, and does it leave any time for romance in real life?
A: You're right, it has been a lot. But it's work that I enjoy and having done it for three books before, it's become easier due to not having as much of a learning curve. As for romance in real life, I think my husband Mark and I do a pretty good job of it. We dedicate a lot of effort to our four children, but we also make it clear at times that we are having a glass of wine and watching our own movie (or whatever). Also, because this is our second marriage, we do have every other weekend without the kids, which gives us time to just be a couple and stay connected.
Q: What was the motivation or inspiration behind Brickstone Publishing's venture with the "Ignite" anthology? What "sparked" the idea to tackle such a large undertaking and in such a spicy genre?

A: I really feel strongly about the need for we women--and moms in particular--to take care of the "woman" inside of us. It's so easy to put passion on the back burner when in the throes of parenting, working, cleaning, and all else that we do. I'm hoping that "Ignite" may be a way for moms to stay in touch with our sexy sides. To have a little something for our selves.
Q: Now that you've published in this genre, have you been bitten by the erotica bug, or was this a one time toe-curling dip in the pool?

A: I already have plans in mind for another book! I'd like to do a book of erotic short stories about couples keeping their relationship hot! I'd like to title it "Rekindle." We are waiting to see how well received "Ignite" will be before formally moving forward with the submission process.
Q: I have to ask, as I do with all my interviewees: Are you a fan of thongs or bikini panties?

A: I am a thong girl all the way. I mean really, what it all boils down to anyway is less fabric giving you a wedgie!
Q: What's one quirky writing habit you have?

A: I have no plan. At all! When I write, I just write as the muse flows. Then, at other times when the story is not flowing, I use that time to work on organizing, editing, etc.
Q: Do you have a favorite writing quote for inspiration?
A: It may not be a writing quote so to speak, but this quote applies to just about everything in life: "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." ~Getty Lee, from the band "Rush." In fact, I feel so strongly about this quote that not only do I refer to it in my own life, but it's referred to (with permission) throughout my novel, "Momnesia!"
Q: You were once a newbie, too. Any advice for beginning writers?
A: Yes, and it's very simple. Just write your book! Don't worry about what you're going to do with it later. If it's not written, it can never be published! Also, for those who are self-publishing, use a professional editor before releasing your book to the public. It will pay off tenfold.
(Eh-hem...I'd have to agree ten-fold. But I promised no money changed hands for that ringing endorsement of using quality editors...like, I don't know...maybe the Grammar Babe? Just sayin'.)
Q: Other than a much needed break, what can your fans expect next? Do you have any novels in progress as we speak?
A: Yes, and I'm very excited about it! My novels, "Momnesia" and "Unexpecting" do really well as stand-alone books, but they're part of my Find Yourself series. I've been working on the next book, "The Husbands." It's about three men, three marriages, and their three ways of making it all work out. It will be released in spring 2014.

Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog! I will look forward to getting to know your readers...maybe in the comments section below?

And thank you, Lori for being so open and honest about your writing, your next steps, and a reader favorite, your underwear! You ROCK!

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  1. I have to say - I'm not big on Eros because I find a lot of it a bit too offensive...and I'm NOT a prude. I guess it all boils down to preference. I'm just not the type who enjoys reading words like d_ck or something similar. I prefer subtle and creative references...If I'm even making any sense.

    I got my copy and there is one story in particular that caught my attention and it's by Julianna Darling - now, THAT was hot and it didn't make me cringe. At all.

    I look forward to the next series - hopefully, Julianna has another story in there. I'm definitely a fan of her work.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog post & Ignite...and finding something you like in it, even though erotica's not necessarily your forte. I guess like Lori says, "there's something in it for everyone!" I agree though...there is an art to language, whether in romance or any other genre. And I think there are always more beautiful ways to say delicate things. =)