Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Flash Fiction Writing Contest

Halloween Writing Contest!

Okay, my lovelies. Many of you know, I love Halloween. The fall is my favorite time of year (maybe because my birthday is the day after Halloween, aptly on All Saints' Day - just sayin'). My son's birthday is just around the corner, too. And autumn in my neck of the woods is pretty darn spectacular, and even more so if you want to drive a few hours to the North Carolina mountains and see the leaves change colors.

In honor of my BIG 4-0 coming up tomorrow, and my love of Halloween, I decided to have a spooktacular little flash fiction writing contest. Don't be scared, I know you're up for it!

Here are the rules:

1) Must be a new, unpublished anywhere else piece.
2) You must be the author. (It can already be written and unpublished, or you can write it!)
3) It can't exceed 1,000 words.
4) It can be of ANY genre, but nothing too racy because I'm primarily a YA/children's writer, though I support all genres on this site. But there's no level of gruesome too gruesome - it is Halloween after all. *Halloween or something Halloween related must be the central theme.* 
5) Please submit by 10 pm tonight (EST).
6) I will pick my three favorite stories and post them, then share the hell out of them and get you as much FREE PR and recognition as I can!
7) READERS will vote on the winning story and one of you will be named (and be given a cool, graphic badge for your Web site) Scarowriting King or Queen 2013.
8) Not only will you get this awesome honor and the badge for your Web site, but your work will also be published and highlighted on this site and PRed like crazy. In addition, I will do an interview with you (if you want), and you will win a prize pack with a $25 Amazon gift card and a bag full of candy!
9) Please submit to cmalbertwrites (@) gmail (.) com. Thanks!

Recap: Original, due tonight 10 pm EST, under 1K, best of three, winner crowned, prizes. Got it? 

Hoooooooo's up for this spooktacular writing sprint today? Please share with all of your writing friends and let's get some great shorts out there for people today! 

The contest starts...3...2...1...NOW!


  1. It's a shame the word count isn't 1500. I'm putting my latest one up tonight on my blog, and you could have had that, but it's a tad over 1500 words. Oh well, have fun judging this competition, Colleen, and I wish you all the very best for your birthday tomorrow. :-)

    1. Thanks! Yours would've won for sure, I bet! Please share the link with me when yours is up. I'd love to read & share it!

  2. Sure thing, Colleen. Here it is:

    Have a Happy Halloween. Save some candy for the kids that come to your door. ;-)