Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Book Birthday: Melissa Foster

Today is such an exciting and fun day, because not one, but two amazing authors {and clients} have BOOK BIRTHDAYS today.

The first book whose birthday it is belongs to the International Bestselling author, Melissa Foster, who is writing a nine-book series called Love in Bloom. The first few books concentrate on the Snow sisters, and the third Snow sisters' book introduces the hot, wealthy, and highly sexy Braden siblings.

Many of Melissa's loyal readers are used to very deep, complex, emotionally gut-wrenching stories. These books are slightly different, and she wants readers to know - because these are a little lighter, fun, sexy, and romantic reads. These are the kinds of books that you gobble up in one sitting and cannot put down until you're done.

Book one is called Sisters in Love, because both sisters (featured sister Danica, and her younger, more "carefree" sister Kaylie) do find love by the end of the book. Even though they are books of a more romantic and "lighter" fare for Melissa, this first book is deeper than just a "simple" love story. There is still, of course, a great plot line, loveable and relatable characters, plenty of tension, and a new twist with playful, fun, sexy, and deeply romantic love.

In Sisters in Love, the dependable, efficient, practical sister, Danica Snow, starts to discover another side to herself while in the process of helping the clients whose lives she changes in her therapist practice. As she begins discovering a new side to herself, her world is flipped upside down when she "runs into" handsome Blake Carter. And let me tell you, ladies, Blake Carter is a swoon-worthy love interest worth reading about. I still can't get him off my mind!

Sisters in Love wasn't due to officially be released until September, 9. So, while it is celebrating its "official" birthday, go nab it on Amazon while it's on sale for a mere 99 pennies. It's the steal of a lifetime for such a fun, sexy, moving romp of a read.

Happy Book Birthday to Sisters in Love and Melissa Foster!

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