Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Book Birthday: Delia Colvin

I am equally as excited to celebrate another "Happy Book Birthday" for my friend and client, bestselling author, Delia Colvin. Delia has an incredible story that I'd like to share with my readers, so later tonight or tomorrow, I'll be posting an interview with her as well to help officially kick off the release of the third book in her amazing Sibylline Trilogy.

Today's book birthday goes to book three of her series and is aptly titled, The Last Oracle. For those of you die hard fans who have been following Alex and Valeria's love story from book one {The Sibylline Oracle} and through book two {The Symbolon}, this third book has been long awaited and much anticipated.

To catch you up in a New York minute, The Sibylline Oracle introduces Alex and Valeria as he tries to save her life, lifetime after lifetime. Valeria is a mortal and there's a curse that causes her to die each life time before her twenty-seventh birthday. To make matters worse for these star crossed lovers, is that Alex is an oracle (an immortal created by Apollo) who has visions of the future. And his visions center around his symbolon, or soul mate, Cassandra (aka, Valeria) causing him to see the exact time when and place where she will die. It's a constant race to save her life before it's too late, and to break a curse that's 3,000 years old.

In The Symbolon, it's finally Alex and Valeria's time to come together and fulfill their destinies as symbolons and spend an immortal lifetime together. First, they must get approval from an immortal Council of Delos for an immortal marriage. Sounds easy enough, until the small matter of an ancient, unresolved marriage between Alex and Kristiana gets in the way. Suddenly, Alex and Valeria are torn apart under an ancient law and must find a way around this deathly separation in order to find a way to be together again, somehow...someway.

In the highly anticipated finale, The Last Oracle, Alex and Valeria finally get their chance to be together! It's what fans have waited three books for and Alex has waited 3,000 years for. But that doesn't mean that the danger or enemies they've faced have gone away. In the exciting conclusion, Alex, Valeria, and their family of oracles, must all work together to solve ancient riddles that answer 3,000 year old questions, reveal true identities and betrayals, and defeat their enemies once and for all. The Last Oracle answers whether true love can win out against evil despite time...distance...circumstances...and destiny. And I can assure you, there will be twists and turns you will not be expecting! 

What I love the most about the entire trilogy is the underlying theme of undying, unconditional love that defies time and endures against all odds. This trilogy is unlike any other paranormal saga on the market today. It's a mix of the easy charm and undying love of Twilight, but with the intelligence, wit, and mystery of The Da Vinci Code!

If you're interested in smart, well-researched writing + Greek mythology + an immortal paranormal element + everlasting love, then this trilogy is for you!  

Happy Book Birthday to The Last Oracle, and congratulations to Delia Colvin on a job very well done!

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