Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Tweets Transcend

Let's talk about Tweets, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk all the good things and the bad things that make me...want to talk about Tweets.

{Yes, I just went there!}

So, if you're not on Twitter, you don't see the appeal or it's just not for you. I get that. That used to be me. But very quickly I began to realize how authentic people can be in just 140 simple characters. In fact, you really have to find ways to cut to the nitty-gritty and write what matters (whether it's about your kids or writing or bacon). Or, in author Ksenia Anske's case, her glittery farts! 

So what makes almost 55,000 Twitter followers love Ksenia Anske so much that they are begging to hear more?

Authenticity. Passion. Inspiration. Humor. Pain. Relatable Pain. Hope.

In March, I had the honor of hosting a guest post by Ksenia. Those of you who read it were shocked at her raw honesty and ability to communicate her pain in such a relatable, engaging way that just makes you want to read more. Ksenia is kind of a Twitter rock star, and an inspiration to many writers. So much so, a reader and fan of hers created a Facebook fan page to share everything Ksenia!

Fans are so eager to get more, more, MORE of Ksenia, they couldn't even wait for her fiction books to come out. So, while going through the editing process for her Siren Suicides trilogy {ah, hem}, and working on her next novel, Rosehead, Ksenia answered her followers' request to publish a book of her Tweets.

The result?

Introducing, Blue Sparrow, a book full of "Tweets on writing, reading, and other creative nonsense." And so much more.

{You can check out my full review on Goodreads.}

Blue Sparrow is a book full of advice, wisdom, inspiration, and raw, wacky, ROTFL humor.

"Everything has been said already. But it hasn't been said the way you'd say it. So go ahead. Write."

"True horror is not in our stories, it's in our lives. Stories help us process it."

Her most famous quote {at this point, dare I say, infamous?!} is all from the heart of the Ksenia wit that her readers and followers have all come to know and adore. 

"There are only three things I do.
I read.
I write.
And I fart glitter."  
So, Ksenia fans, make sure to grab a copy of this fun, little book of quotes.
I can promise you this: this is not your gramma's book of quotes, my friends.
This is real. This is fun. This...is...Ksenia!
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