Saturday, April 13, 2013

How BRAVE are you? (Part 2)

So, yesterday I posted a story about four amazing and inspiring women in How BRAVE are you? (Part1). Hopefully, you've now had a chance to check out Melissa Foster, Dylan Lin Calista, Ksenia Anske, and Kasey Leavitt and find a little inspiration yourselves. If so, please be BRAVE and loop back to share your amazing stories with me and my other readers! {Thankya!}

So what does a girl do with all of this inspiration just piling up? Other than rush right off to work on my manuscript in process (which I'm doing as well), I wanted to do something more. I wanted to create something universal and supportive. Create something that helps girls of all ages and empowers them to:

OWN their beauty
RESPECT their bodies
LEARN from other women
LISTEN to each other
HEAR, really hear, each others' stories and...

SHARE their own stories of BRAVERY
CHEER each other on
EMBRACE activities and challenges 
FACE their fears and...
GROW despite what they think they can't overcome
STOP being a victim and TAKE BACK their power
DISCOVER their own inner diamond
PROVIDE a forum, a SAFE community of girls to chat with and...
LAUGH with each other
SAY, YES! EXACTLY when they are inspired by posts
SEE that they can make a difference, in someone else's life and...

and, of course, to: 

Be Brave and Kick Ass.

Yes, I said: Be Brave. Kick Ass. 

I want girls to have CONFIDENCE in and LOVE themselves. KNOW their value. RESPECT other girls and not be MEAN or HATEFUL. UNDERSTAND that picking someone else up, and celebrating their success, does not make them weak or take away anything from themselves. Instead, it lifts the COLLECTIVE energy of girls everywhere to start being more supportive of each other. Let's CELEBRATE other women and girls who do AMAZING things every. single. day.

So, to start, I created a Facebook page called Brave Girls Kick Ass. Because, let's face it. We do. But this isn't just a little Facebook project. I want this to CATCH WILD FIRE and burn, baby, burn.

I want girls from all over the world to come here and be inspired. And I WANT more to grow from this. Correction: I will GROW more from this in the coming months and years.

In the spirit of celebrating other amazing women who have the SAME agenda and DESIRE of heart, I want to recognize a group I recently found called the Brave Girls Club.

It was created by two very creative, talented, and driven women: Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins {photo to left is their image}. They have a similar objective as I do, but I am not affiliated with them in any way. But I SUPPORT their mission, because our hearts have the same goal in mind: to be the small change we want to see in this world, one BRAVE GIRL at a time. To be the small spark that starts a HUGE fire and changes the way girls see themselves and what they are capable of. For that, I applaud them. They are two women who created a company driven from their mission. They have a really cool website, they offer online classes and a Brave Girls' Camp, they have an online shoppe, and they sell a Little Birdie Told Me book. 

I don't aspire to offer camps or classes or have online inventory to sell in a shop. But I will certainly direct my BRAVE GIRLS to them when they need those resources. Because that's what BRAVE GIRLS do! I support their mission, because it's so similar to my own. {Coincidentally, I did not even know they existed until I was searching for some inspiring resources on Facebook, and the universe led me to them!}

All this said, I hope you will join me in my mission. Share in my enthusiasm and passion to be a BRAVE girl. Accept little challenges I set forth and share your results. But most of all, I just want to live in my own BRAVENESS. I am weary from always having to be "the good girl" and tamping down my own inner truths because I'm worried of what others will think.  

I am READY to be completely BRAVE with my life, so YOU can be BRAVE with yours. Let's go be brave and kick some ass together and see what we can accomplish. Who's with me?

Stay tuned later today when I offer your FUN first assignment, should you choose to accept it. IF I have at least 25 girls or women who accept this assignment, submit their creations to me, and are willing to have it shared online, then I'm going to choose one lucky winner to FEATURE here and on our Facebook page, and that winner will also win a $25 gift certificate to the Brave Girls Club online store where they have some pretty cool swag. And, afterall, who doesn't want to flaunt their BRAVE GIRL status? Check back for official rules and join in on the BRAVE GIRL fun!

~ Be Brave. Kick Ass.   

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