Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rabbits and hares and hairy authors, oh my!

Just a quickie blog post today, my friends. {I'll pause to let you all place your bets; let me know when you're done laughing.}

Right then. So, this week it's all about bunnies. Most importantly, the Easter Bunny! As I mentioned in a previous blog entry about flash fiction, we are breaking new ground with this flash fiction writing marathon, dreamed up by the amazing writer and all around beautiful person, Ksenia Anske. Let's do the math:

20 writers + 20 chapters + 20 days = The Easter Bunny Apocalypse 


I know it may seem cruel to take the Easter Bunny "there." But seriously, you should see what they did with Bloody Santa vs. Zombie Siren (her 10 writer experiment). After this, you will see neither Santa nor the Easter Bunny the same way again! Mwahahahahahaha...You've been warned, my furry, wittle friends!

So today, the very funny and talented Dave Eccles wrote chapter 2 of the Easter Bunny Apocalypse. Dave is one of those guys you can't help but instantly like. He looks like a tough biker dude on the outside, has a sense of humor that's sharper than a double-edge razorblade, and {ssshhhhhh!} he's kinda sweet and gooey on the inside!

Not only that, I learned today from Dave that hares and rabbits are not the exact same thing. I thought that hare, rabbit, and bunny were all sort of interchangeable terms for the same thing. Come to find out, they're not. And it's true, because I read it online and Dave told me so! So, I decided to take it a step further and interview the brilliant and talented and tattooed and hairy author Dave Eccles next Wednesday on my blog and see what other wild and wonderful information I can squeeze from him!

So, join us next week. Same blog spot. Same blog time. You won't forget an interview with a man who was born as the result of a union between an exiled wood nymph and a wild haggis hunter! Trust me on this one, Peeps.

*Oooh, shudders* After you read the next few chapters of the Easter Bunny Apocalypse, you will also never be able to eat a Peeps again. You're welcome!

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