Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet the bold, new author: Dave Eccles

Hi, Dave! So let me start by welcoming you to my blog today. Dave, meet my Albertini's. Albertini's, meet Dave! {All at once now, "Hi, Dave!"} Thanks for letting me ask you a few questions about your writing career, and for letting me "go there" on a more personal level. Your humor's what makes you so endearing, so it's nice to share it with my readers!

CMA: So, it's been rumored that you were born as the result of a union between an exiled wood nymph and a wild haggis hunter! Can you tell us what got your mother exiled? Or would you have to kill us if we knew?

DEOh, it’s no rumor, Colleen! It’s what I admitted in a bio that I submitted for Ksenia Anske’s use on her blog just before we as a team commenced writing the Easter Bunny ApocalypseLet us just say that wood nymphs are not renowned for their self-control! Wild haggises abound in the Scottish Highlands, and they forage for oats in places you wouldn't believe. It's the wind that lifts the kilt that also lifts the oats and carries them to places far and wide, which is how my haggis father came to be in the woods on the day that my mother was feeling frisky; she wanted to sow a few wild oats, so to speak! The deed was done, but the scent of my father's ardor gave them away; haggises are known to perspire 150 proof whisky, which is a little-known fact. It's what makes them so vulnerable and rare! Inter-species breeding is just not tolerated amongst the denizens of the trees; at least not in the open space of a forest glade, and so my mother was banished. One does not crap on one's own doorstep, so to speak! As for my father—I never knew him. He was captured one day while out foraging for food, and came to a sticky end one Burns Night at the hand of a dirty great Scot with a dirk in one hand and a penchant for Scottish poetry!    

CMA: And that's exactly why I've had so much fun working with you on the Easter Bunny Apocalypse.You wrote Chapter 2, where you introduced those "damn feral cats" into the mix. Do you have any cats yourself?

DE: No, our household has always preferred dogs as pets, as well as mice, rats, terrapins, red lobsters, tropical fish, koi carp, goldfish, rabbits, guinea pigs, crows, magpies, garter snakes, parrots, ferrets, chickens, hamsters, gerbils, and the odd stray pigeon or hedgehog, but no cats! Our next door neighbor has six cats, though! And three dogs!

CMA: Seriously, anything that inspired Chapter 2's creativity? Is Sergeant Major Gorse based on anyone you know? He seems like one bad-ass bunny.

DE: My chapter just happened by itself, Colleen. Whenever I read anything, I see it as a movie that plays back in my head, and as I was reading Becky Flade’s opening chapter it was like watching a really good old-fashioned, classic black & white war movie; you know the type—there’s always a tough as old boots NCO (non-commissioned officer) there to ensure that they all complete their mission, and then he hauls everybody’s ass out of the firing line and brings them home safely.

CMA: So, I know you've only recently tossed caution to the wind to pursue writing and put your work out there. Have you always loved to read and write? Anything specific that made you say, "YES! It must be now!"?

DE: I’ve always been an avid reader, Colleen. I collected comic books right up until I was about seventeen years of age, and then I decided enough was enough. I was spending a stupid amount of money having Marvel comics imported from the US. I did still continue to collect The Savage Sword of Conan though, and in fact, I have a signed 6 print limited edition Conan the Barbarian portfolio drawn by the late, great John Buscema. Even though I stopped buying comic books, I still continued to read and buy books. I like to draw as well as write, but I’ve done neither for years. I think the last time I wrote anything would have been while I was at school! That’s thirty four years ago! I guess I came to my senses after following (on Twitter) and getting to know the author Troy Blackford, and of course, our dear Ksenia Anske, who is a force of nature! She’s just unstoppable when it comes to writing!

CMA: What genre would you say you primarily write?

DELooking at the stories that I’ve written so far, there seems to be a theme of horror, but it’s not usually obvious that you’re reading a horror story until the last paragraph or two, and that’s when I like to deliver something shocking that you just didn’t see coming!

CMA: As we know from our Bunny days together, you also have a very sharp eagle eye. Is that the engineer in you coming out? Where'd you learn those mad editing skills?

DEI think it’s not so much the engineer in me; I would say it’s the artist. An artist has to be able to see things that others don’t see. It’s what makes art special, and a great artist great. It’s the ability of a great artist to reproduce the fine details that he sees in his subject that amazes me whenever I visit an art gallery like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I visited there in October 1990, and was just blown away by paintings such as The Night Watch, by Rembrandt. Not only is it one of my favorite works of art; that thing is HUGE! Another exhibit that amazed me was a display showing the history of the pencil. Believe it or not, I found it absolutely fascinating!

CMA: A little birdie (um, say Twitter?) told me you have a pretty bad-ass tattoo sleeve going? What was the inspiration for that?

DE: Ah, yes! My Batman sleeve! It’ll soon be finished, as I have only to get The Riddler inked, and then it will be complete. We’re back to comic books and graphic novels again! The inspiration for the sleeve is the Batman graphic novel Hush, penciled by a truly wonderful artist, Jim Lee, and written by a great writer, Jeph Loeb. The tattoo artist who inked me is a personal friend and an old work colleague, Brett Foden. He’s the only guy I go to when I want ink.

CMA: One last serious, award-winning question that all my Albertini's anticipate the answer to: boxers or briefs?

DE: Truth be told, it’s rare that you will find me in either, unless it gets really cold! I’m like Arnold Schwarzenegger—I like to go Commando! On the odd occasion that I do wear underwear, you’ll find me in boxer shorts. There used to be a photograph of me on Twitter, until I removed it, where I was wearing nothing except a specially crocheted Angry Birds beanie hat…but I wasn’t wearing it on my head! [editor's note: um, well, I think it was still technically on a h...oh, never mind!]

CMA: I suppose I should wind this down on a more serious note. You have a lot of flash fiction and short stories being pubbed right now (see links below), and at least seven short stories on your website (which has the best name by the way: Fresh Crumbs From An Old Loaf). And you're also working on a full length novel. What can you tell us about that, or from your experience while writing it?

DEHa! Yes, the website title. I’ll be 50 on June 26, 2013—though I don’t look that old, even if I do say so myself. I was sitting and wracking my brains, thinking that I needed to come up with a cool, snappy title for my blog. Then it hit me! I consider myself to be an old loaf, a little past its sell-by date, but my stories I consider to be fresh, hence Fresh Crumbs From An Old Loaf!  

CMA: Have a favorite author who influences your writing style, or who you just love to read the F out of?

DE: I really don’t know! I’m not even sure that I have a style of writing. I read a lot of Dean Koontz and Stephen King; the late great James Herbert too. Then there are the ladies. My three favorites: the late, great Anne McCaffrey, who was my biggest sci-fi influence with her Dragonriders of Pern series; Kathy Reichs, who I consider to be a truly remarkable woman, both as an author and as one of, if not the very best forensic anthropologists, and last but by no means least, the woman who had a career in journalism and then became an author, enjoying huge success: Val McDermid.

CMA: One last question: Indie or Traditional?

DE: For me, it’s got to be traditional. Old music: Classical, opera, jazz, ragtime, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, progressive rock. But I do love my metal and a large dose of thrash!

I love that you went musically on me for that last question, Dave! You know I love you and am one of your biggest fans! Thank you so much for taking the time to hop on over to my blog and share the awesomeness of YOU with my Albertini's. Best of luck as you continue on your writing journey, my friend!

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  1. What a wonderful interviewer you are, Colleen! It was an absolute pleasure to be up until 2.30am writing out my answers, lol. And my God, i sound awesome! Hahahaha!
    Seriously though, that was my first EVER interview, and i am so happy that it was with you!
    You have my deepest gratitude and also my respect, Collleen! :)

    1. You were so fun to interview, Dave! I hope this is the first of many for you. And someday, when you're all big and famous, I can say, "Yep! I interviewed him first!" =) Thanks for being a trooper with this! You don't sound awesome - you ARE awesome! xx