Monday, March 25, 2013

A Skittles rainbow kind of day!

When it rains Skittles, it pours, my friends. And I am tasting the rainbow today, let me tell ya'. 

Just wanted to share some of the love I've been blessed with from around the Internet today.

First, I woke up to having my flash fiction story, Shades of Blue, published on Writing Upside Down's website. She'd issued a writing prompt challenge for March, and I feel so thrilled o be featured on her site today. Thanks, Danielle!

Then, I hop onto Facebook and check out our Apocalypse Collective page, and to my delight (squeak!), I see a blog post featuring moi! by the awesome Dave Eccles. Not only that, but Dave ties only Ksenia Anske as one of the few people who find the most amazing pictures to compliment their articles, ever!

And to place the cherry on top (does happy dance!), my chapter 14 of The Easter Bunny Apocalypse is published on Ksenia Anske's website. I'm a little miffed that the White House did not respond to m request to use an official picture, but once again, Ksenia to the rescue! I'm sure they will be contacting me promptly after reading my lovely chapter, where our first female bunny commander, Kit, helps...well, go read it! You'll see. =) I'm sure President Obama (whom I voted for, so please, go easy on me, Mr. President!) has a sense of humor and will get a kick out of it. Besides, I didn't actually name WHO was in the White House when this happened...

Thank you to all my Albertini's who support me and my writing. And, please, show these fine websites some love and go check their pages out.  If you aren't already following my site, please join today for more news on my writing down the road!

Happy Easter, peeps! 

{Photo credit goes to: and writer Hannah Bookbinder.}


  1. It takes a lot to keep me interested...and you know why. I'm always pressed for time.

    I love your work because it always has an unsuspecting twist. Your words flow beautifully and leave me hanging for more. If it were up to me, I'd ban you from writing short stories or flash fiction, haha! (This is me being selfish.)


    This is only because I love your work and whenever I read from your mind and heart, I always crave for more.

    Congratulations on having your work published on other sites. You never cease to amaze me.

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