Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Gift

What do you do when you receive the most amazingly thoughtful, personal gift that any one's given you in a long time? Well, if you're a writer, you blog about it, of course.

One of the most amazing outcomes of joining Twitter last year has been the unexpected gift of real friendships that have blossomed. As a writer with trust issues, I have a totally crazy over-active imagination and I automatically think that every one's either a serial killer or a pervert. And while most people are...there are a few good eggs out there too!

One of those good eggs is my new friend Dylan. Since we're both girls, I'd say we're having a Tweetmance since I guess we can't technically have a bromance. We come from different back grounds and ethnicities, and I have a good 15 years on her, but in a very short period of time I feel like I've found a platonic soul-mate. 

I won't go on and on about her and make everyone puke from my admiration. But I will say she is an amazing writer and an amazing human being. Oh, and did I mention, she also happens to be a truly gifted artist?

Among other things, we share this in common: we both lost a grandparent who was more like a parent and best friend to us. The relationships ran deep. Her loss came ten years ago, and mine three. {Her grandpa blog post / my grandma blog post : caution, get tissues first.}

In my blog post I shared one of the most personal pictures I have with my grandma: me holding her hand while she was in hospice dying. I am wearing the navy-blue watch she asked me to hold when she went into surgery just days before. You can still see the indents from where her wedding rings lived cushioned for more sixty years. And on my wrist is my personal mantra: I choose. {You can see the original picture in my blog post, Walking In Her Shoes.} 

And here is the magnificent gift that awaited me in my inbox this morning:

How can you even thank someone properly for the love, time, thought and personal care that went into such a loving gesture?

Except to tell her that I see her own magnificence. That I appreciate the woman she is today for the journey she's traveled. That finding her friendship has meant the world to me. That I believe our souls were meant to meet and be touched by one another. That she inspires me daily to keep on writing, to live authentically, and to also follow my own dreams.

And that every day when I'm getting the kids ready for school or enjoying my morning coffee, I have to smile when I find one of her sweet, sunny, funny, happy, heart warming Tweets waiting for me.
So while the sketch speaks volumes, this is the real gift I've been blessed with: friendship. I never thought I'd say this, but thanks Twitter for changing my life.


  1. :) Thank you so much for posting this.

    I am so happy to have found you! Words simply can't express how good it feels to be seen. I don't have to explain myself so much and you understand me effortlessly.

    And, you know what? I was really nervous sketching that but I'm really glad it turned out well and you like it.

    Like you, I'm quite reserved when meeting people, especially online...this comes from experience though, having had a few online stalkers...

    Your words keep me inspired. Your encouragement gives me the strength that I need when I am questioning my potential and your kindness reminds me that there are still some good people out there who know how to reciprocate.

    I'm sure our Grandparents are proud of us :) and I feel truly blessed to have you.

    1. Oh, you have to go & reaffirm my fears of crazies out there! Not helping, lady! =) Haha! I heart you. Our grandparents ARE proud. Maybe they're hanging in heaven giving each other high fives! =) {hugs}