Friday, January 25, 2013

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tag! I'm it. I've been asked to write a "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" blog a'la old-school Facebook or new-school US Weekly. In my Liebster Award blog, I shared 11 Random Facts - but they came with a mini "story" behind each fact. Not here. Rules say, no. So, here's a quick and dirty list of 25 things you may not know about me (unless you really, really know me!):
  1. I'm a Scorpio through and through. 
  2. I'm a nail bitter when extremely stressed. I have nails right now.
  3. I went to 9 different schools from k-12.
  4. I had a 4.0 college GPA.
  5. My favorite food of all time is a red delicious apple.
  6. I ran away once in 3rd grade. My brother helped me pack. I came home that day.
  7. I have mental illness in my family tree and it has had tragic impacts.
  8. I also come from a long line of alcoholics, so I don't really drink much anymore. High school was kind of a blur.
  9. I sprained my back on a friend's trampoline in 8th grade doing a 1 1/2 back flip. It hasn't been the same since. 
  10. I'm not a fan of needles, but have had to act like they are no biggie for my son's sake. 
  11. I used to love Michael Jackson while growing up. I still love his music, but am just pretty queased out overall and disowned him in his later years.
  12. I want a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist but I'm afraid of needles and no one but me really seems to like the idea. 
  13. I'm a total writing paper SNOB and I own it. I have a desk dedicated to my stationery collection.
  14. I write letters weekly to my Aunt Joyce and I love that she writes back. She's my best pen pal. 
  15. Of my five bridesmaids, I only talk to one on a regular basis. Two I've lost forever, and the other two are still dear to me but a little MIA at the moment.
  16. My favorite pre-baby body part was my back.
  17. I secretly read Bertrice Small and rarely admit it to anyone. She's the only historical romance writer I read. She's the Queen.
  18. I once had a hair cut that was a mix between 80's Sheena Easton and a bird's nest and if anyone ever posts a picture, their body will be discovered floating in the Hudson. Just sayin'.
  19. I'm originally from a town that is rumored to have been in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most churches and bars per capita. I've yet to see this record, but it would not surprise me.
  20. I used to walk to school, in major snow drifts, up hill, both ways. True story.
  21. I have a new Twitter bestie. Nerdy? Know who you are?
  22. I have a Green Belt in TKD and was taught how to kill someone with a Bic pen. Seriously, my favorite life lesson.
  23. I actively write in journals for myself, my son, my daughter, and my grandmother (who passed away almost 3 years ago).
  24. I'm still mad about the mole I had removed from my quad almost 8 years ago. I'd had it since birth and it was non-cancerous. Still chaps my ass that I let her remove it.
  25. My favorite quote is by Winston Churchill who said, "We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glow worm." It explains a lot about me.
Well, dear readers, I hope you stuck by me and finished my list of 25. Don't make me stand here naked alone! Please drop me a comment below and share just one thing I don't know about you. I showed you mine.


  1. Hey there, those are fun random facts to know about you! To answer your question about one thing about me... I too used to walk to school uphill both ways. As you said, true story. And it is. ;)

  2. Some interesting and fun facts, Colleen. I liked them.

    You want one from me? Okay, well like you I want a tattoo but unlike you I don't want a small one on the inside of my wrist. If I were to get one I'd have a full upper arm Maori tattoo (of course, given that I come from New Zealand) which would represent my life journey.

  3. Megan - I know! Noone believe me when I tell them this. Not sure why. Um, it's called a really big hill people! =)
    Dylan - Sounds cool! I'll start with a teeny, tiny one first & see how I do. When you get yours post a pic!

  4. HAHA! I ran away in 8th grade. But I called my mom first, to tell her where I'd be. lol ...

    That was also my first hangover experience, and I called my mom to come pick me up the next morning after vomiting all night. Kids!

  5. Now THAT'S a story, Jessa! =) I ran all the street over to my friend Tippy's house (seriously, his knickname was Tippy). I packed a pillow and put my Miss Piggy puppet/doll in there, with a jar of peanut butter (I couldn't be certain how long I'd be gone!), and my Judy Blume diary. My brother helped me pack and saw me out the door. No one came looking for me, so finally when Tippy had to go in for dinner, I gave up and went home. Some runaway I was! BTW - I have some hang over stories too, but I may have to hold those off for another blog =)

  6. This made me smile :)

    So here's a random fact about me...

    I don't like needles...but I am tattooed and pierced. Many people are surprised to know this. I usually get the 'you seem conservative' comment because I don't talk very much and...hmm, maybe it's my glasses? :D I really don't know.

  7. So how bad was it? I've heard the wrist is a sensitive place, but it's just a small one I want, so I think, how bad could it be? Famous last thoughts? =)

  8. It's not bad at all. :)

    If you have a lot of veins on your wrist, I wouldn't recommend getting one there. I don't think it would hurt so much, if it's just a small one.

    I have one that runs from hip bone to hip bone, below my navel. The outlining was a bit painful but nothing I couldn't handle. The shading part wasn't bad at all.

    I have another one on the right side of my lower back. (Right above my toosh, lol). That wasn't too bad either. Once you get a tattoo, you'll have to have another one. It's addictive. All my friends who have tattoos got more than one :)