Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ramblings of an insomniac writer

Another Tuesday night at 1:47 am, another writer with eyeballs drooping but an inability to turn off her mental energy. Has this ever happened to you?

What runs through your mind in the middle of the night, my fellow insomniacs? Here's what's bouncing around mine tonight. Join me and my Christmas tree on an ADD look at the inside workings of a creative's mind!

What got me started thinking was when I rolled over and asked my husband at one o'clock this morning to explain just exactly how does a time-release capsule work? Why doesn't it all just leak out and into your bloodstream at once? Let's just say he wasn't overly amused. He just groaned and replied (calmly, I might add), "God, it's a good thing you're adorable." Then, he proceeded to give me a more thorough answer than the web site I Googled. I love my science geek.

After leaving our bed, grabbing some hot-cocoa, snuggling up in front of our Christmas tree, and turning on my DVR to watch The Mistle-Tones, here are the other thoughts that keep running through my tired, yet semi-functional brain:   
  • Did I really throw out those cinnamon sticky buns because I'm going back on my raw foods diet? Isn't cinnamon a raw food that promotes weight loss? Damn.  
  • Please don't let G-bug have a reaction tomorrow when we skin test her for allergies. I really cannot bear another food allergy in this household. 
  • I love when Tori Spelling pulls out some serious divatude. She's the girl you love to hate in ABC's The Mistle-Tones, played perfectly. Granted, it already aired, but the super fun sound track is now available on iTunes and is one of the best Glee-style Christmas albums this year. Seriously, if you don't want to get up and dance like Alfonso Ribeiro from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after hearing this holly-jolly holiday music, you're probably a half-dead zombie. Okay, redundant, I know.
  • As a yet-to-be-discovered novelist, how do I get 10,000+ true followers on Twitter by October, 2013. Ambitious? Yes. Doable? Yes. I'm inspired by fellow writer Ksenia Anske. I bow to her wisdom. That, and her uncanny ability to reference unicorns and rainbow ribbons in a Tweet and still sound fun and cute and not at all too trippy.  
  • Can it really be 2:36 am? 
  • Favorite quote of all time? "It doesn't take a Herculean effort to be a miracle in someone's life." Can't find who the heck said it though. Some smart dude, or dudette.
  • Worst Disney movie of all time? Hercules. Only good line I remember from the movie? "Somebody call IXII!"    
  • Today is now officially 12/12/12, which for a number-geek like me brings shivers of delight. Not only for its symmetry, but it also holds  symbolism of the holy trinity in its neat little forward slashes.  1+2=3/1+2=3/1+2=3, or 3/3/3, or 3+3+3=9, which is divisible by 3 and ends up equaling 3, which is a sacred number, and coincidentally, my favorite number. Did I mention I was born on All Saints' Day?   
  • Is the Mayan Prophecy really just a hoax created by the Mexican government to spur tourism? I mean, really. Hotels there have been booked for years in advance. Do we really believe they wont try to capitalize on this just a *little* bit? Who bets someone's not going to be standing by the Mayan ruins selling t-shirts with snappy slogans such as, "I came, I saw, I survived the Mayan Prophecy" or "I came to Chichen Itza and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." 
  • Is it really 3:03 am?
  • Please tell me that's not G-bug crying. This is exactly why my uterus is closed for business!  
  • Speaking of G-bug, how many different types of lady bugs are there? Are they really only ladies, or can they be manbugs too? (A: Over 500 species are in the US and over 5,000 are worldwide; nope, ladybugs can be either male or female. Find out more cool ladybug facts here.) 
All right, kiddos. Time to go tuck yourselves back into bed. Fairy tale's over. The Big Bad Wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood and has a warm, full belly, living happily ever after. Sweet dreams, now get back to sleep! 

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